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Our Unique Services:

Why select us?

Wouldn't it be nice to know your corporate plans, policies, programs, and administrative procedures are in compliance with the law before you implement them?

HR on your side® is the first and only national human resources and legal corporation. 

Our Strategic HR Business advice is legally compliant.  Our top HR practitioners and former in-house counsel provide expert insights and strategies for your company.

HR on your side® brings you the most comprehensive, and most important latest developments, in executive and employee compensation, retirement, health/welfare benefits, with policy/procedural guidance for your company.  Our Employment Attorneys specialize in HR & Employee Relations.

Our unique competitive advantage becomes your competitive business advantage.

We offer a Cost Containment Fee™ structure and customize our consulting services to your needs. You will know the exact cost before we begin working together.

The difference?  Through our unique, exclusive Selective Consulting™ method, you select & we deliver only what your company needs and utilizes.

We make a crisis simply a challenge through our Preventative Legal Maintenance Program™. Our comprehensive audit of your company's HR Department makes certain it is compliant with the current legislative, regulatory and judicial laws.

We lower your future legal and compliance costs!

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