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Preventative Legal Maintenance Audit
To be a truly strategic business partner to your company's revenue generating operations, you need to ensure that Human Resources is transformed to provide the offering the best possible service.  Our complete Preventative Legal Maintenance™ is our employment attorneys' exclusive, proprietary week-long audit of all of your HR Department's services and operations.  In addition, it protects the organization by ensuring that it is in compliance with current federal and state labor and employment laws.  The employment attorneys of HR on your side will prevent legal troubles down the road for your corporation.

Through our week long on-site visit to your headquarters, we conduct interviews, document review, process mapping, and powerful analytics; HR on your side® conducts a complete audit of your HR system.  We will examine the following systems and processes including:

Compensation:  An analysis of all compensation and bonus plans, salary grades and ranges, market pay, salary increases and short/long term incentives.     Executive compensation and bonus plan drafting

Drafting and Negotiation of Employment Agreements, Release of Claims, Separation, Retirement, M&A, and Complex Business Deals.
Termination and Turnover:  A review of your hiring, firing, retiring, and restructuring practices to ensure you are protected from costly legal claims
  and expensive litigation.  
Personnel Policies and Procedures: A thorough examination of your corporate HR and Legal department's policies, processes and procedures.
Legal compliance:  A thorough review of the organization's compliance with federal and state laws, including a review of the extent to which the organization   meets statutory and jurisdictional requirements.