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The difference?  We're not consultants, we're your partners. 

Through our unique, exclusive Selective Consulting™ method, you select & we deliver only what your company needs and utilizes. Together, with your input, we design solutions to fit your business, corporate culture, and budget.
 HR on your side® Fixed-fee human resources and legal work includes:

• Developing a winning strategic vision and action plan to take your business to the next level
• Evaluating, developing and implementing an appropriate compensation program
• Developing and implementing a performance management system that measures and drives the desired behaviors
• Evaluating HR compliance and implementing policies and procedures designed to mitigate risk and establish HR best practices
• Designing a successful succession plan to support your business survival
• Enhancing the human resource skills and employment law knowledge of your management team
• Resolving conflict between individuals or teams utilizing mediation techniques
• Improving productivity and creating a winning culture


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