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Performance Measurement & Management:  Creating Feedback that works!
HR on your side® creates Performance Management Systems that measure and develop strategic competencies critical to your business success.

• Motivate High Performance: Understanding factors that influence performance, and motivate for excellent job performance
• Strategic Performance Standards: Establishing performance standards that support the organization's strategic objectives
• Effective Methodologies: Designing a performance appraisal system that provides meaningful feedback to employees, balancing thoroughness
  with ease of administration
• Recognition and Communication: Integrating performance management and compensation to ensure fair, transparent and motivating
  pay-management practices
• Ensuring Success: Understanding why performance appraisals fail and developing approaches to ensure success
• Coaching and mentoring: Training for managers on giving meaningful, continuous feedback, and being a mentor to achieve performance goals
• Legal Compliance: Adhering to the laws regarding performance appraisals, documenting discipline, corrective action, and preparing for termination.